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Compressors Kaeser

ZAO Sagbel is for more than 10 years exclusive distributor of Kaeser Kompressoren SE, one of leading compressor manufacturer in Europe.

Kaeser Kompressoren SE is one of the world's leaders in compressed air systems including:

  • rotary screw and reciprocating compressors;
  • blowers;
  • mobile compressors;
  • control systems;
  • air distribution, storage and treatment solutions.

  Main advantages of Kaeser compressors are:

  • high quality and reliability - production only in Germany;
  • innovativity;
  • energy efficiency - due to unique Sigma Profile, enabling to use approx. 15% less energy than the competitors.

  ZAO Sagbel provide all the necessary technical support of the customers in Belarus, including:

  • system projecting;
  • technical consulting, maintenance and repair according to standards of the manufacturer - our staff is regularly trained by Kaeser technicians in Minsk and in Coburg;
  • delivery of spare parts - big stock in Minsk;
  • technical service 24/7.

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Welding equipment Kemppi

   ZAO Sagbel is the official distributor of Kemppi Oy, Finland, one of the pioneering company in the welding industry.
Kemppi is world famous for its reliable and intelligent welding solutions including:

  • MIG-MAG;
  • TIG;
  • MMA;
  • welding automatization etc.

Our qualified technicians are ready to give quick and efficient support to our customers with their welding needs.
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Generators SDMO

   SDMO Industries, whom we represent, is the world's 3rd largest company-producer of the generating sets.
Production plants are located in France and Brasil.
SDMO's main advantages are:

  • reliable products suitable for energy production at any conditions;
  • wide power range: from 1 kW till several megawatt;
  • any execution: canopy, container, trailer, lighting equipment, welding generators etc.
  • complete power stations.
Sagbel's professional local team is ready to assist the customers will all their needs in energy supply.
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UPS Riello

  ZAO Sagbel is the official distributor of Riello UPS. With more than 25 years of experience in the electronics area, Riello is an expert in energy conversion for industrial and civil applications. It is among world's 5 largest UPS manufacturers.
Riello products are a unique combination of premium quality and competitive price.
In Belarus Riello's main reference is medical sector, where solid protection of medical equipment is required.
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Abrasive blasting equipment Sciteex

SciTeeX Group has been active in the surface treatment area for more than 25 years.
Its blasting equipment is operated in more than 30 countries of the world.
Blastrooms BLASTLUX, wheelblast machines RATIOJET and paint-and-dry booths VENUS were awarded by many International Exhibitions.
SciTeeX machines are manufactured according to SciTeeX own and innovative designs.
They are produced in SciTeeX’s Works, covering 30 000 m2 total surface area equipped with modern state-of-art equipment.

Apart from excellent service Sagbel provides its customers protective clothes and equipment, abrasive materials (sand, corundum).
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Coating equipment

  ZAO Sagbel together with its partners - leading European manufacturers of painting equipment - works out technological projects, makes delivery and installation of complete painting lines on basis of manual, automatic, floor or hung transportation systems, including:

  • abrasive pretreatment;
  • chemical pretreatment;
  • liquid or powder coating;
  • drying;
  • waste water treatment;
  • other technological equipment.
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Paint spray equipment SATA

SATA GmbH & Co. KG has gained high reputation worldwide for its state-of-art spraying equipment.
Production located in Kornwestheim, Germany, is equipped by the most up-to-date machines.
Production is constantly modernized and automatized, which ensures excellent "made-in-Germany" quality, reliability and outstanding design.

We deliver the whole range of SATA equipment including spray guns, pressure pots, compressed air filters, spare parts.

Consumables for spray-drying booths

Assortment of ZAO Sagbel covers whole range of consumables for spray-drying booths including:
- filters;
- protective materials;
- masking materials.

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Filtration units for air and liquids

  •   Mobile air filtration units Aernova

with automatic self-cleaning for air filtration at welding, thermic metal cutting, sandblasting, powder coating

  • Stationary filtration units Aernova

For air cleaning from dry dust in rooms of machinery production, thermic metal cutting, sandblasting, powder coating

  • Filter-presses Envites

For separation under pressure of suspensions into liquid and solid fraction.

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Filters for industrial equipment

ZAO Sagbel is a reliable supplier of the following hi-quality filters:

  • carbon filters for spray-drying booths;
  • prefilters for spray-drying booths;
  • floor filters for spray-drying booths;
  • ceiling filters for spray-drying booths;
  • multi-layer paper filters Columbus for spray-drying booths;
  • cardboard 2-layer-filters for spray-drying booths;
  • cassette filters for filtration and exhaust units;
  • cartridge filters;
  • filter bags;
  • pocket filters;
  • V-filters

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We supply bolts, screws, pins, nuts, washers for different application.
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